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Laboratory Supply House is a secure online shopping site for healthcare professionals and Teaching Institutions for their every day needs of general lab supplies, science supplies, lab safety supplies, lab equipments and related supplies.
Lab Software - PROLIS
PROLIS - Professional Laboratory Information System is the state of the art Windows-Web hybrid software to be used to automate the management the laboratory business, the laboratory billing and the regulatory compliance, for a fraction of the cost of manual operation.
EMR Solution
We offer a low cost EMR solution to laboratories for their clients (physicians, clinics and Nursing Homes) that is pre-interfaced free of charge with the Laboratory Information System (LIS) being used by the laboratory thus providing a complete automation
Microbiology Lab Supplies
Order securely prepared media agars, Innoculation loops, Organism Identification reagent kits, antibiotic sensitivity discs (sensi discs) and other biology science supplies at very low prices and get prompt shipments.
Specimen Collection Supplies
The category is comprised of Blood Collection products like vacuum tubes for blood draw (vacutainer tubes), blood collection set, multisample blood drawing needles, torniquet, sharp containers, Alcohol Preps (alcohol swabs), gauze, bandage, Urine collection supplies like urine cups, urine transport tubes, Culture swabs, stool containers and more 
Hematology Lab Supplies
Lab Supply House offers reagents, calibrators and controls for 3 part and 5 part hematology analyzers like Abbott Cell-Dyn systems, Beckman Coulter systems, M-Series, Medonic systems, ABX, Mindray, Orphee, sysmex and more
Chemistry Lab Supplies & Reagents
In addition to extremely low priced general chemistry reagents applicable to any open system chemistry analyzer, we offer barcoded analyzer specific packaged reagents at very low prices. Supported analyzers are Olympus systems, Synchron CX, Hitachi and more
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