Laboratory Supply House Business Policy
Any information collected during the registration process, is kept confidential, never shared with any one outside of Laboratory Supply House entity. The information is used only for the business transaction with the client. The client is provided with an option to unsubscribe from our promotional emailing any time by logging in to the profile maintenance routine at our site.


Laboratory Supply House ships non perishable items via UPS Ground Service and perishable and/or items requiring refrigeration via  UPS Next day and/or UPS 2nd day. Freight amount is determined at the time of shipment for the reason to bill actual freight instead of an estimated amount. The freight
on back ordered products is billed when those products become available and are shipped.

Our site is equipped to book orders from both, clients having an established credit line with Laboratory Supply House and the ones without. Credit card information from the clients without an established credit line, is collected via secure server along with their orders without charging the credit cards on line. A Credit card is charged at the time of shipment, for an exact amount equal to the total price of the items being shipped and the actual freight amount, excluding the price of back order items.
If there are some items back ordered, the same credit card is charged again for the amount equal to the total price of those back ordered items plus the freight amount of the back ordered items being shipped at the time.

Non perishable and non refrigerated products purchased from Laboratory Supply House can be returned within 15 days of the receipt without providing us any reason but with a Return Authorization Number (RA#) from Laboratory Supply House Customer Service, prior to shipping the product back to us.
A product returned to us with the RA#, is processed for a credit amount equal to the price of the product minus 2 way freight amount. If the product was purchased originally using a credit card, the credit card is credited with the amount equal to the product price - 2 way freight but if the product was originally purchased on open account, a credit invoiced is issued for an amount equal to the product price minus 2 way freight.

Clients registering on our site, can only purchase products using a credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and Diner's Club). Clients interested to have an open account may download and fill out the Credit Application and fax it to us at 732-955-2174.
If the information on the credit application , meet our criteria we will change the client's account status from Credit Card Account to an Open Account along with a Cerdit Limit determined at the time of the Credit Application processing.
We may increase, decrease or even withdraw the credit limit assigned to the client, depending on the payment history of her Open Account.
Our site does not let a client having an Open Account, purchase the product on open account if the client has a balance equal to or greater than the assigned credit limit. The client can purchase the product using a credit card though.

While browsing our catalog, the site visitor is presented with the retail price only but while placing an order, the client is presented with the Contract pricing if the client have any contract with us otherwise the retail price is presented.
The contract pricing is applied provided the client has the contract with us, regardless of the account status (Open Account or Credit Card Account).
A client may contact us for the contract pricing if s/he has a consistant and/or heavy usage of our products.  
We may change our policy any time.